Pronunciation: my-ah-my-ah

Root: Australian Aboriginal 

Definition: Pelican

Inspiration:  At the heart of MAYAMAYA is our love for exploring remote, beautiful places, meeting the people that live there and having extraordinary experiences. In 2014, Brooke traveled to Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania, where she encountered an orphaned pelican named Big Bird who was living with the Greystoke Mahale lodge staff and guests.  The staff took it upon themselves to encourage the young pelican to fly. Brooke documented this in the video below which is an example of how travel can create extraordinary experiences that last a lifetime.


What We Do


MAYAMAYA specializes in tailoring seamless, premium journeys which include all accommodations, privately guided touring, immersive experiences, private transfers, and airfare. We also arrange hotel bookings, luxury corporate retreats, and private group getaways.


Most importantly, rather than planning travel based around what a destination has to offer, we plan it around you.


You may already have a specific idea for your next trip, or you may be looking for advice or inspiration. Our planning process begins with a conversation. We listen. Then we apply the latest information from the field combined with our extensive destination knowledge from countless years of travel and insider connections. We pride ourselves on knowing destinations before they become the next ‘hot spot,’ and offer fresh ways to see some of the classics.  

We understand that a multitude of factors such as peak seasons, fluctuating climate patterns, geo-political changes, guide availability, animal migrations, or even hotel ownership and staffing can affect a destination. As a client of MAYAMAYA, you are privy to the insider information that only a seasoned professional can provide.  

We choose to remain a small company and work intimately with a select group of loyal clients. This ensures that you receive the utmost level of service and discretion.


If you are unsure whether we are the right fit, please get in touch and we’ll work it out. We love what we do and we look forward to sharing the wonders of the world with you.