Trip Synopsis:  Tasmania, Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, Flinders Ranges, Sydney & Great Barrier Reef 


A detail at one of the properties you visited that you want to incorporate into your dream home? The modern/ drop down fireplace from the Southern Ocean Lodge for a living room to host a cocktail party for 20 would be pretty dreamy…  Oh, and the floor to ceiling windows and view wouldn’t hurt either although then I might never leave. 

Favorite sunrise or sunset: Sunset dip in the Tasman Sea after a full day of hiking on Maria Island. The water here is so clean even though it was salt water it felt as refreshed and clean as getting out of the bathtub.  OR maybe something in Sydney? Perhaps during the twilight Sydney Harbor Bridge climb. 

Memory of the holiday that keeps you smiling even in the darkest of winter days? Learning to sail a Hobie Cat at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef

Most useful thing you took with you? Beany… although it was warm during the days it got chilly at night. Extra useful while taking night photos. 

A photo that most sums up the trip? 


Best guide or local encounter? Brendan Bevan from Arkaba Homestead. He is incredibly passionate about the conservation project at Arkaba and makes all the small details just as exciting as seeing a Kangaroo.  He was married at Arkaba and now lives there with his wife and child. He is now leading a guide training program on the property in the hopes of increasing the quality of wildlife guiding throughout Australia. 

Anything you ate that you know will never taste as good at home and/ or your best meal? Tasmanian oysters – while standing in the Tasman sea in waders and drinking champagne. Tasmania has some of the cleanest water on the planet making the seafood and oyster’s in particular top notch. 


At what moment did you forget you had a job to go back to? When I had no wifi for three days on Maria Island. I can’t recommend a screen free/ wifi free holiday or portion of your holiday strongly enough. It’s not something I allow myself to do often and it was so nice to tune out, connect with nature and my partner.