Trip Synopsis: Santiago, Pucon, Millahue, Buenos Aires, Jose Ignacio

A detail at one of the properties you visited that you want to incorporate into your dream home? 

I loved the details at Hacienda Vira Vira. The handmade local pottery will definitely be ordered soon and an outdoor firepit would be great! Oh, and their sheep skin throws. Can I take home a full working farm and a cheese factory too? 

Favorite sunrise or sunset: When I arrived at vina Vik, we watched the sun set over the vineyards and mountains as we sipped their wine and ate the most incredible cheese plate. I now try to surprise every client with the same experience - at some point of their stay they will be surprised with that same plate of cheese. 

Memory of the holiday that keeps you smiling even in the darkest of winter days

Lots of wine tasting always equals lots of laughs. 

Most useful thing you took with you? 

I can't remember anything particularly useful I took with me, but I am so glad I took home some of the amazing Vik wine! Sipping it once home in Brooklyn brought back memories from the trip.

A Meal that sums up the trip?

The dinner at Borago in Santiago was a journey through Chile. Each dish took us to a different region, and I typically don't like long tasting menus but this was a work of art and I truly loved every bite. 

Anything you ate that you know will never taste as good at home and/ or your best meal? The empanadas we picked up at el sanjuanino and ate on the floor of our room at the park Hyatt

At what moment did you forget you had a job to go back to?I have a job? Ha kidding.